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eBay Deep Sea Electronics 100 kw 3 phase 120/208V 60 Hz Natural Gas Generator only 3 hrs w/trailer. Like new, low hours, excellent condition.  Comes on a heavy duty trailer with like new tires, 2 tool boxes, and all the cables for hook up.  We took this generator in on trade toward a car and know very little about it, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me and I will try to answer them.  Buyer is responsible for shipping and or transportation of the generator. Rated Power/Voltage:     Rated 100 KW Stand-by at 1800rpm, 3 Phase 120/208V, 60 HzEngine:                           GM Votec 8.1 Liter V-8 Gas engine, Radiator cooled with engine driven fan, 12v electric start, electronic Governor.       Generator/Alternator:     Close coupled, signal bearing, brushless generator with solid state automatic voltage regulator, 4 poles for 1800 rpm operation, type "H" insulation vibration isolators.Base:                              Welded steel base with integral vibration isolators.Breaker:                         Unit mounted 400 Amp molded case breaker.Controls:                        Gen-set mounted control panel for automatic start stop operation.  Digital PLC with all engine/generators safety shutdowns.  Based on Deep Sea 5110 module.Accessories:                   Residential Silencers, flex connector, vibration isolation, cables and charger, pressure regulator.

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