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eBay This kit is only for carbureted single cylinder engines.  Includes: C-039-122 Regulator Adapter Adapter Gasket Studs or Screws, Depending on Adapter Vapor Fittings 90° Elbow 90° Fuel Adjustment Elbow Hose Hose Clamp Nuts Bolts Washers Breather Extension Tubes Pipe Sealing Tape Plastic Ties We are unsure if you need to cut the frame. The air cleaner will be pushed outwards about 1-1/4”. About 90% of generators will need to have the frame modified. NOTE: The C-039-122 fuel regulator that comes in this kit ONLY accepts vapor fuel pressure that is 6 - 8 ounces per square inch, which is the equivalence of 11 inches of water column. If you need to run off a barbeque tank(portable propane tank), additional parts are sold separately to run on a portable propane tank (Part Numbers:SEK-05A or SEK-05-12A). Please check out our Conversion Kit Accessories. Please note that our adapter may cause air disruption when attached to carburetor/air cleaner assembly. You may need to remove our adapter if you want to run on gasoline.

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