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eBay New Enerday Propane Solid Oxide fuel cell generator battery charger, 24v model, 350w continuous wattage generation.  Demo system sold 'as is', no warranty.  Like new, only about 60 hours of estimated 5000 hour lifetime (max 50 cycles - ons/offs).  Great for a University Engineering program use and training on new fuel cell technology.  Connect to minimum sized lead acid battery bank of 200ah 24v bank.  Best use for continuous load of over 100w to 350w continuous or as a standby generator.  Original value was $ 20,000 and it is manufactured in Germany.  Includes fuel cell system, accessories, black battery enclosure and stand in picture.  System automatically turns on and shuts off based on the voltage level of the battery bank.  Great for off-grid solar backup system or for continuous power usage.

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