2 Way Auto Car Alarm System With Engine Start Stop Button Remote Anti Robbery

2 Way Auto Car Alarm System With Engine Start Stop Button Remote Anti Robbery


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eBay 2 way auto car alarm system with engine start stop button remote anti robbery featureproduct has not pke function,no auto induction lock or unlock car door!!!!if you need pke funciton,don't buy this product.remote distance is almost 300-500meters!if working enviroment is good,remote distance can reach 500-700MNote:as for this product,you can choose ultrasonic sensor or window closer module or bypass module(you can choose this module if your original car key is chip key)Model No:CD-T171A3Sbrand is cardotProduct Bacic Features:Product Bacic Features:Product FeaturesFeature 1remote arm or disarmFeature 2remote lock or unlockFeature 3remote start engineFeature 4remote stop engineFeature 510 minutes countdown time engine offFeature 6remote learningFeature 7mute arm or disarmFeature 8open door flashing lightFeature 9remote key board lockFeature 10engine auto detectionFeature 11car searchingFeature 120.5S/3.5S lock time settingFeature 13emergency resetFeature 14two way stage shock alarmFeature 15stop remote warningFeature 16stop alarming automaticallyFeature 17after remote start,must turn the key to ON position and then press the brakeFeature 18remote start times are 3 mostlyFeature 19valet modeFeature 20remote trunk openFeature 21instrusion memoryFeature 22warning abnormal situationsFeature 23central lock automaticationFeature 24auto re-armFeature 25LCD remote with vibtation light audible warningFeature 26remote anti-robberyFeature 27supporting diesel or petrol carFeature 28supporting auto or manual transmission carFeature 29window rolling up outputFeature 30bypass negative output  Product paramters:main unitworkign voltage:9V-16Vmax current of the flash light output:5Amax current of the siren output:10Amax current of the central door lock:10Acurrent of the shock sensor:<1mAstatic current:8mAFrequency:433.92mhzoperating temperature:-40- +80 degreesremote controlworking voltage:6Vworking current:<6mAstatic current:0Maremote control distance:>300Mfrequency:433.92mhz  Product compositions: 1 main unit,1pc start stop button,2pcs FM LCD alarm remotes,3 groups main cables,1pc start module,1pc shock sensor,1pc LED indicator,1pc alarm electronic siren,1pc killer relay,1pc reset button,1 pc alarm antennas,1pc english manual,1pc color box.Main Unit InstallationThe main unit is suggested to placed under the panel. After fixing the main unit in asuitable place, start connecting the wires in accordance to the WIRE CONNECTING DIAGRAMbefore putting back all the parts, simply test the system function first.Shock Sensor InstallationInstall the sensor after fixing the main unit .It is recommended to place the shock sensornear the car doors, or beside the panel so as to easily detect any intrusion actions. Toadjust the sensitivity of the shock sensor, simply use a screw to turn the button in theshock sensor, turning right toadjust with a higher sensitivity or vice verse. Then test the sensitivity by triggering theshock sensor. If i t triggered, the L.E.D will light up. Please do not directly hit theshock sensor.Central Lock Installation GuideThis system can control several common central lock types without any additional parts.TYPE A:For cars equipped with no central lock, recommended to install it first. (see FIG 1)TYPE B:For cars equipped with central lock but no motor on driver aside, add master motor and rod.(see FIG 2). This type of installation is applicable to operate factory lock system in someFORD, Mitsubishi, Mazda, and Nissan models.*Installation tips: First install the actuator near the door' s manual latch, then fix therod of the actuator on the manual latchTYPE C:For cars equipped with central lock and with motor on the driver' s side.(see FIG 3)TYPE D:The door locks are controlled by electrical activated vacuum pump.(See FIG 4). The timing ofactuator mechanism can be set as 0.7 seconds or 3 seconds at the JP2.For some Mercedes-benz and Audi models.TYPED E:For some cars not mentioned above, please consult your dealers.NOTE: Type B installation method (FIG 2) is suitable for most of the cars.Diagnosis:The remote control does not work.* Check the battery level. It is suggest to replacing a new battery each year.* Check if the remote control is moisten or crash.The remote control does not make the main unit work.*  Check the battery level in the remote control.* Check if the remote control is moisten or crash.* Check if the frequency of the remote control is changed.* If possible, use another control for comparison. If both of them do not work, then checkthe main unit and the wire connection.( Do not open the main unit for checking)The central lock does not work.* Check if the actuators are working.* Check wire connection* Check if the fuse of the main unit is damaged.The siren does not sound when the system is triggered.* Check if the sirens are available.* Check the wire connection between the siren and main unit.The siren keeps chirping while the main unit installs.* Check if the socket is insert converse or check the wires connection or the CPU safetyfuse.* If back up battery is used, check if the switch is positioned at ON status.The alarm sounds 10 seconds after the vehicle is armed, same problem keeps happening again.* Check if the shock sensor is too sensitive.* Check if the door pin switches are damaged.* Check wire connection.The alarm is easily triggered when a heavy vehicle is passing through.* Check if the shock sensor is too sensitive.Wire Diagram:product photo:

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