Honda Propane Generator Tri-Fuel Conversion Kit for Honda Gas Generators LARGER

Honda Propane Generator Tri-Fuel Conversion Kit for Honda Gas Generators LARGER


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eBay US CARBURETION CLASSIC TRI-FUEL ADAPTERPlease note: The revolutionary design of our newly patented Motor Snorkel (05/2013) has rendered these products inferior. The MotorSnorkel eliminates cutting the frame, adding stud extenders to the carburetor, cutting and extending the crankcase line, etc.   Because of these reasons most customers no longer want this type of propane and natural gas conversion kit, system or component.   As a result, no returns are offered for this item. ITEM:  Honda Engine Type Tri-Fuel Propane Natural Gas and Gasoline Kit for LARGER Honda Type EnginesITEM NUMBER:  K9104 SPECIFICATIONS: See pictures for measurements and see listing below for engines and equipment Most used on GX360 359cc and GX390 389cc engines QUANTITY:   1    Please look at the picture carefully.   This Kit IS ALL NEW PRODUCT. This kit has all the basic parts necessary to convert your generator to a tri-fuel generator (propane, natural-gas, gasoline) additional fuel lines and connection fittings, hoses, etc. will be necessary to connect this basic kit to your desired fuel source.    We do maintain a complete list of compatible engines and generators on our Motor Snorkel or USCarb generator conversion kit websites  IF YOU ARE UNSURE, IT MAY BE BEST TO PURCHASE A GENERATOR SPECIFIC KIT FROM USCARB.   We have a 20 year record of outstanding customer service.  This Tri-fuel conversion kit will take your gas powered Honda generator to the next level.  The kit is designed to work with the Honda GX series and Chonda Clone carburetors (mostly single cylinder 12 and 13 horsepower).     The center to center is apx. 2-1/8" and the studs are offset at the 10 o'clock and 4 o'clock positions.The included instructions and supplies will allow you to modify your current ENGINE or GENERATOR to use propane, natural gas or gasoline.  Given the tendency of gasoline to go bad or gum up the generator, having this option gives you great versatility.   First, it can be used on the Honda engine it was designed for and on natural gas and propane. Of course, the gasoline option still is functional, however some carburetors will have a gasoline bowl vent that will be covered by the adapter which will not allow the engine to run properly on gasoline without first removing the adapter.  (This is just another reason why the Motor Snorkel system is superior since it never has to be removed.)   We do not recommend or condone any alterations or misuse of our systems due ot safety issues.  However, many people have used this adapter experimenting with different fuels like hydrogen, methane and biogas.  (View USCarburetion Videos on YouTube)  The engine regulator in the kit can handle from 4”  to 14” water column inlet pressure.  Please follow the detailed instructions included with the conversion kit so this should not be an issue.Please see our other listings for the 12' Propane Cylinder Hose Connection Kit to run your generator off of 20# to 100# propane cylinders...NPSK-12 Accessory Kit    K9104 Kit Can fit the following: Allpower APG3009 6000w 13hp APG3005 8000w 13hp   Black Max BM10700DR Honda GX390 13hp   Champion 7000w 14hp 7200w 439cc 7500w 439cc 41532 Chonda 7000w 14hp   Chicago Electric 5500w Chonda 13hp 6500w Chonda 13hp   Generic Chinese Honda Clone (Chonda) 6000w 389cc 13hp 6500w 389cc 13hp 7000w 439cc 14hp 7200w 439cc 15hp 7500w 439cc 15hp 8000w 16hp 9000w 420cc 9500w 420cc   Coleman Powermate PM0496500 Honda GX390 13hp PM0496504.17 Honda GX390 13hp PM049700 Honda GX390 13hp   Duro Max XP6500E 16hp XP8500E 16hp XP10000E 16hp   Duro Power 8000w Huasheng HS390 16hp   ETQ TG72K12 Chonda 190F 13hp   Generac GP6500 Chonda 5940GP8000E Chonda   General Power Products APP 6000 Chonda 12hp   Gentron GG10020 JD/Chonda 16hp Pro2 7500w 13hp Pro2 10000w JD/Chonda 15hp   Gilette GPNR-65H Honda GX390 13hp GPNR-75EH Honda GX390 13hp PP-65H Honda GX390 13hp PP-65EH Honda GX390 13hp GPN-65EH Honda GX390 13hp GPN-75H Honda GX390 13hp GPN-75EH Honda GX390 13hp   Honda EM6500S Honda GX390 13hp EM6500SX Honda GX390 13hp EM7000 Honda 13hp ES6500 13hp GX390 13hp EB6500 Honda GX390 13hp EG5000CL Honda GX390 13hp EG6500CL Honda GX390 13hp   Honeywell HW6500 6038 13hp HW7000EH Honda GX390 13HP HW7500 6039   King Craft 6000w JD JD29010426 13hp   Kohler PA-CH440-3031   Lifan LF7000 13hp LF8500IE 15hp   McCulloch FG7000MA 13hp   Northstar 8000PPG Honda GX390   Onan Homesite Power 6500 Onan K06F P5450E Chonda 13hp 5EGMBE-5270   Pouland 6000w 13hp   Predator 7000w Chonda 13hp R420 Chonda 13hp 8750w Chonda 420cc   Steele SP-GG900E Huyan/Chonda 15hp SP-GG10000E 15hp   Sycamore Apex7 Chonda 15hp   UST GG7500 JF188FPH 13hp   Westinghouse WH6500 Chonda 389cc 13hp WH7500 Chonda 439cc 15hp      

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