Honda Snorkel Propane Natural Generators Triple Fuel Conversion Kit Larger

Honda Snorkel Propane Natural Generators Triple Fuel Conversion Kit Larger


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eBay REVOLUTIONARY MOTOR SNORKELTHE SIMPLEST KIT ON EARTH!All that's needed is to swap out the air filter gasket and the engine is ready for tri-fuel operation!For most engines it's just3 EASY STEPS!1. Replace the air filter gasket with the Motor Snorkel2. Attach the engine regulator to the frame3. Hook up the propane or natural gasWarranty Friendly!The revolutionary design of our newly patented Motor Snorkel (05/2013) eliminates cutting the frame, adding stud extenders to the carburetor, cutting and extending the crankcase line, etc.  Our company holds numerous US patents regarding carburetion technology, generator conversion technology, and most recently received a patent for the revolutionary new “Motor Snorkel”, a simple looking but technically advanced device which allows for a standard gasoline powered generator to also use propane or natural gas in addition to gasoline. ITEM:                   Honda Engine Type Tri-Fuel Propane Natural Gas Gasoline KitITEM NUMBER:     MSK3101 SPECIFICATIONS:  We have motor snorkels for most generators, see below for engines and equipment that fit this particular listing.QUANTITY:   1    Please note: The picture represents the contents of the kit. Parts will vary according to your specific engine.  This kit is all new product.  This kit has all the basic parts necessary to convert your generator to a tri-fuel generator (propane, natural-gas, gasoline) additional fuel lines and connection fittings, hoses, etc. will be necessary to connect this basic kit to your desired fuel source.  We have a 20 year record of outstanding customer service. This Tri-fuel Motor Snorkel conversion kit will take your gas powered Honda generator to the next level.  The kit is designed to work with the Honda carburetors that are 2" center to center on the carburetor studs.     The included instructions and supplies will allow you to easily and quickly modify your current ENGINE or GENERATOR to use propane, natural gas or gasoline.  Given the tendency of gasoline to go bad or gum up the generator, having this option gives you great versatility.   First, it can be used on the Honda engine it was designed for and on natural gas and propane. Of course, the gasoline option still is functional.   The engine regulator in the kit can handle from 4”  to 14” water column inlet pressure, which is standard for domestic propane and natural gas systems, nationwide.Please follow the detailed instructions included with the conversion kit and this should not even be necessary.To connect to portable propane tanks, such as the 20# through the 100# cylinders, please see our other listings for the 12ft Hose Kit Accessory...NPSK-12 Accessory Kit Additional Info:The Motor-Snorkel is a revolutionary device to make the adapting of an engine to propane and natural gas very simple. For decades, the most widely used method for converting an engine to alternative fuel consisted of an adapter block that mounted between the carburetor and the air cleaner. The additional 1-1/4" of space in the airstream caused many issues. For instance, carburetor studs, crank case vent tubes, and other supports had to be extended the same amount of distance. Worst of all, most generators do not have enough clearance between the cover of the air cleaner and the frame to allow for this extra spacing so the frame support had to be cut away. And most enclosed units were not even considered for this process, for obvious reasons. The innovative feature of the Motor-Snorkel is the ingenious and patented design of passing the fuel through the gasket portion of the device. Fuel is then channeled to the proper area in the carburetor so that the original carburetor can control the fuel mixture just the same as running on gasoline. Another amazing feature is the specially designed probe that passes by the choke plate. A unique crush-proof yet flexible material was developed to allow the choke to be used on gasoline so that the engine can operate normally on gasoline without having to remove the Motor-Snorkel. Just another innovative product from US Carburetion, Inc.

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