NEW PROPANE(LP) & Natural Gas conversion kit for Honda EU7000is

NEW PROPANE(LP) & Natural Gas conversion kit for Honda EU7000is


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eBay GenConneXTM Propane & Natural Gas Kit for Honda EU7000is Inverter Generator7000Watts Peak, 5500Watts continuous Propane (6500Watts Peak, 5500Watts continuous Natural Gas)Comes complete with 6 foot quick-disconnect regulator hose to connect to standard BBQ Tank!(generator, tools and propane tank not included)Already have a Honda EU7000is that you want to convert from Gasoline to Propane and Natural Gas (but you don't like the low cost kits that bolt onto the outside)?  Here's the answer! EPA Certified for both Propane and Natural Gas operation.  All fuel orifices are factory set to the correct air/fuel ratio.Simply install and run!The GenConneXTM kit installs completely inside your generator (in place of your existing gas tank), does not require any drilling or cutting of your existing carburetor or the generator casing, and comes pre-tuned so no adjustment is necessary.  Besides safety, the benefits of having everything inside help prevent the regulator from getting it's vents clogged with snow, ice and dirt, We've also designed and pre-assembled a fuel injector block to fit between your carburetor and air cleaner that injects the propane and natural gas directly into the venturi section of your existing carburetor after removing your generator's choke lever. This allows for maximum air and fuel flow and can be installed and run even if your carburetor is clogged from bad gas.  With our kit you won't run the risk of damaging your EU7000is from running overly lean or rich by trying to hand-tune the air-fuel ratio without the proper load and exhaust meter.  We've done this for you so it's simply plug and play.What’s the ball on top of the fuel inlet for?  This is for purging the air out of the propane line after connecting to your BBQ tank.  Simply lift up on the spring loaded knob/ball for 3-4 seconds while listening for a small his inside your tank (small amount of propane pushing air out of hose to generator), then let go and pull to start.  It's that simple and best of all there's NO CHOKE to worry about with propane!What’s in this kit?  Pre-fully-tested fuel demand regulator tank cover module (no adjustment necessary), throttle-body adapter w/fuel nozzle (no drilling or modification needed), pre-cut to length internal propane tubing, internal grounding strap, spark plug, labels, 6ft pre-assembled quick-disconnect propane tank hose w/low pressure regulator, dust covers for quick-disconnects and instructions and full color 11 x 17 step by step picture guide.What sets us apart?  All GenConneXTM products are made exclusively with stainless steel and coated aluminum components, use all stainless steel self-locking fasteners for vibration resistance, and all pressurized-side gas line components are brass to resist corrosion and fatigue. We also only use existing mounting features so no cutting or drilling is required and everything is pre-set at our factory so no adjustments are necessary. Install, plug in and run!  Can I convert my unit back to again to its original factory configuration in the future?  Yes, this kit is fully reversible, provided you save all the removed parts from your original EU7000is.  There is no drilling your carburetor or cutting of any parts.Can I install this myself?  There is certainly some assembly required - but you should be able to install this in as little as one to two hours if you have good mechanical skills.Can I get full power with this conversion?  Yes.Does ECO mode still work?  Yes, it works great with our designHow do I switch between Propane and Natural Gas?  Simply open the side door and change out the fuel orifice!  (pre-set at factory for propane, natural gas orifice included)Can I run at high altitude?  Yes, just give us a call or email and we'll include our free high altitude orifice kit for operation up to 10,000 feet (note: peak and steady-state rated power is reduced by approximately 3% per 1000ft above sea level due to air density)How long will my tank last?  This and more helpful tips and fact brochures are on our website at including options and accessoriesPropane     Natural Gas          Load 4.0lbs/hr     84,000BTU/hr      5500Watts2.22lbs/hr    46,000BTU/hr     2750Watts1.58lbs/hr     32,700BTU/hr    1375Watts

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