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eBay PRESET 30 PSI  High Pressure Propane RegulatorBe sure to follow the flow arrow beneath the regulator when installing  NONE ADJUSTABLE - 1/4" female pipe threads on both in and out.30 PSIG set outlet - 500,000 BTU/HRPopular in RV's that have tanks on opposite sides of the trailer, roofing propane torches, and high-pressure fryers.U.L. listed 30 psi high-pressure regulatorSuited for applications with BTU/HR load requirements in the hundreds of thousands.The GR-630B series fixed high pressure single stage regulators are designed to provide an economical solution for pounds to pounds service applications. The GR-630B can be used to regulate air as well as LP gas. Regulators must be installed in compliance with federal, state or local codes or laws in accordance with NFPA 58. 

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